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Passion Flower powder

  • Blueberry Juice Powder

    Contact NowBlueberry Juice PowderThere are several health benefits to drinking blueberry juice. Blueberries are loaded with minerals, vitamins, phytochemicals, and antioxidants which aid and protect the body’s health. Blueberry...

  • Passion Flower Extract,Flavones 2-4%,vitexin,free sample

    Contact NowPassion Flower Extract,Flavones 2-4%,vitexin,free sampleProduct Name:Passion Flower Extract
    Other Name: Passion Extract Powder/Passion Powder/
    Passion P.E.
    Latin Name: Passiflora Incarnata
    Part Used:...

  • Pomegranate Juice Powder

    Contact NowPomegranate Juice PowderPomegranate juice is often sold as a bottled drink, but it is also sold as a powder. Superfine grinding technology has been put into use in parts of the juice powder products, which has observably...

  • Cinnamon Extract,polyphenol 5%, Chinese Cinnamon powder, lower blood sugar

    Contact NowCinnamon Extract,polyphenol 5%, Chinese Cinnamon powder, lower blood sugarProduct Name:Cinnamon Extract
    Other Name: Cinnamon Bark Extract,
    Cassia Bark Extract
    Latin Name: Cinnamomum cassia Presl
    Part Used: Bark
    Extration Solvent: Ethanol/...

  • Elderberry Fruit Powder

    Contact NowElderberry Fruit PowderProduct name: Elderberry fruit powder Latin name:Sambucus nigra L. Appearance: Dark red fine powder Production process:Spray-dried Type:100% Natural Function: 1. Protect and regenerate retinal...

  • Mulberry Juice Powder

    Contact NowMulberry Juice PowderFruit powder series are with carefully chosen pollution-free fresh fruit and vegetable as raw materials, which were then made by careful cleaning, pre-treating, squeezing, pulping, spray drying or...

  • Strawberry Fruit Powder

    Contact NowStrawberry Fruit PowderProduct name: Strawberry fru it powder Latin name:Haematococcus pluvialis Appearance: Purple red powder Production process:Spray-dried Type:100% Natural Function 1. Powerful antioxidant effects....

  • Sea Buckthorn Friut Powder

    Contact NowSea Buckthorn Friut PowderProduct name:Sea Buckthorn friut Powder Latin name:Hippophae rhamnoides Appearance: Light Brown Fine Powder Production process:Spray-dried Type:100% Natural Function: 1. Sea Buckthorn Powder is...

  • Barley Grass Juice Powder

    Contact NowBarley Grass Juice PowderBarley grass has been used for medicinal purposes for thousands of years. It contains many vitamins, antioxidants, minerals and proteins. In its young sprout form, barley is more similar to a...

  • Beet Juice Powder

    Contact NowBeet Juice PowderBEET ROOT JUICE POWDER FULLY DISSOLVES IN WATER Red-purple to deep-purple fine powder; With this premium Beet Root Juice Powder, you can make your own Beet Juice, or add it your smoothies or...

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