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  • Tongkat Ali Extract
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    Tongkat Ali Extract

    Product Name:Tongkat Ali Extract
    Other Name:Tongkat Ali Extract
    Latin Name: Eurycoma longifolia Jack
    Plant Part Used: Root
    Extration Solvent: Water/ Ethanol
    Active Ingredient: Eurycomanone
    Specification:10:1, 20:1 50:1 100:1 200:1...
  • Angelica Sinensis Extract
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    Angelica Sinensis Extract

    Product Name:Angelica Sinensis Extract
    Other Name:Angelica Sinensis Extract/Dong Quai Extract
    Latin Name: Angelica sinensis (Oliv.) Diels
    Plant Part Used: Root
    Active Ingredient: Ligustilide
    Extration Solvent: Water/ Ethanol...
  • Tribulus Terrestris extract
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    Tribulus Terrestris extract

    Product Name:Tribulus Terrestris extract
    Other NameTribulus Terrestris extract/Tribulus Extract
    Latin Name: Tribulus terrestris L.
    Plant Part Used: fruit
    Active Ingredient: Tribulus Saponins
    Extration Solvent: Water/ Ethanol...
  • Cordyceps Sinensis Extract
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    Cordyceps Sinensis Extract

    Product Name:Cordyceps Sinensis Extract
    Other Name:Cordyceps Sinensis Extract
    Latin Names: Codyceps sinensis(Berk.) sacc
    Part Used: whole herb
    Extration Solvent: Water/ Ethanol
    Active Ingredient: Cordycepin , Polysaccharides ...
  • Radix Bupleuri Extract
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    Radix Bupleuri Extract

    Product Name:Radix Bupleuri Extract
    Other Name:Radix Bupleuri Extract/
    Chinese Thorowax Root Extract/
    Bupleurum Extract
    Latin Names: Radix Bupleuri
    Part Used: Root
    Extration Solvent: Water/ Ethanol
    Active Ingredient:...
  • Saffron Extract
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    Saffron Extract

    Product Name:Saffron Extract
    Other Name:Saffron Extract/Saffron Flower Extract
    Latin Name: Crocus sativus L.
    Plant Part Used: flower
    Extration Solvent: Water/ Ethanol
    Active Ingredient: Safranal
    Specification:Safranal 0.06%, 0.1%,...
  • Fritillaria Cirrhosa Extract
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    Fritillaria Cirrhosa Extract

    Product Name:Fritillaria Cirrhosa Extract
    Other Name:Fritillaria cirrhosa,/Thunberg Fritillary Bulb/
    Fritillaria thunbergii
    Latin Name: Bulbus Fritillariae Thunbergi
    Plant Part Used: Bulb
    Extration Solvent: Water/ Ethanol...
  • White Willow Bark Extract
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    White Willow Bark Extract

    Product Name:White Willow Bark Extract
    Other Name:White Willow Bark Extract
    Latin Names: Salix alba L.,
    Part Used: Bark
    Extration Solvent: Water/ Ethanol
    Active Ingredient: Salicin
    Specification:15%-98% by HPLC
  • White Kidney Bean Extract
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    White Kidney Bean Extract

    Basic Information:
    Product Name:White Kidney Bean Extract
    Other Name:White Kidney Bean Extract
    Latin Name: Phaseclus vulgaris L.
    Plant Part Used: Bean
    Extration Solvent: Water/ Ethanol
    Active Ingredient: Phaseolin ...
  • Red Wine Extract
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    Red Wine Extract

    Basic Information:
    Product Name:Red Wine Extract
    Other Name:Red Wine Extract
    Latin Name:Vitis vinifera L.
    Extration Solvent: Water/ Ethanol
    Active Ingredient: Polyphenols,Resveratrol
    Specification: Polyphenols 30% (UV)...
  • Olive Leaf Extract
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    Olive Leaf Extract

    Basic Information
    Product Name:Olive Leaf Extract
    Other Name:Olive Leaf Extract
    Latin Name: Canarium album (Lour.) Raeusch.
    Plant Part Used: Leaf
    Extration Solvent: Water/ Ethanol
    Active Ingredient: Oleuropein,Hydroxytyrosol...
  • Cnidium Monnieri Extract
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    Cnidium Monnieri Extract

    Product Name:Cnidium Monnieri Extract
    Other Name:Cnidium Monnieri Extract/
    Snowparsley Plant Extract
    Latin Name: Cnidium monnieri(L.)Cuss.
    Plant Part Used: Fruit
    Active Ingredient: Osthole
    Extration Solvent: Water/ Ethanol...
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