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Oat Extract--Oat Beta Glucan, Oat Bran Extract,β-Glucan

Oat Extract--Oat Beta Glucan, Oat Bran Extract,β-Glucan
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Basic Information:
[Product name]: Oat Extract
[Latin name]: Avena Sativa L.
[Other name]: Avena sativa extract , Canamino,
[Part used]: Seed
[Active ingredient]: Beta-glucan

Basic Information

 [Product name]: Oat Extract

 [Latin name]: Avena Sativa L.

 [Other name]: Avena sativa extract , Canamino, 

 [Part used]: Seed

 [Active ingredient]: Beta-glucan

 [Specifications]: Beta-Glucan 20%,30%,50%,70%(AOAC)

                           10:1, Oat Glucan Solution

 [Appearance]: Brown & yellowish to off white fine powder.

[CAS NO]: 84012-26-0


It's has a particularly good hydrophilicity, and its solution is transparent gelatinous material, it will be turned into a viscous paste when the powder in water,  when hot water is become mushy viscous material directly. The viscous properties of oat beta glucan was the key to provide health role.
Product Specification

Description :


Light Brown or Off-White fine powder  



Particle size

100% pass 80 mesh

Physical :

Loss on drying




Chemical :

Solvent residual(Ethanol)


Heavy metals


Arsenic (As)




Microbial :

Total microbacterial count


Total Yeast & Mold







Packed in paper-drums with two plastic-bags inside.

N.W.:25kgs .I.D.35cm×H51cm


Store in a well-closed container away from moisture. 

Two years with properly stored.

Main Function

1.Oat Beta-Glucan is beneficial to high cardiovascular disease risk populations.

2.Oat Beta-Glucan’s anti-wrinkle promise.

3. It lowers the risk of coronary heart disease by significantly lowering LDL cholesterol. 

   Stimulating immune cell function. Lowers LDL Cholesterol by an Average of 8%.

4.Immunomodulator Activaing white Blood Cells.

5.Lowers Glycemic Response.

6. Reduces Hypertension.


Beta-glucan is extracted from oat bran and is a multi-functional addictive to active cosmetics. It is a glucan made up of cellotrioses and cellotetroses. The proportion of cellotrioses and cellotetroses in β -glucan is 3: 7. After the 1980s, Wood et. Al. Discovered with specific enzymatic hydrolysis that the glycosidic bonds of cellotrioses and cellotetroses in oat β -glucan form a single spiraled chain; In over 85% of oat β -glucan molecules, there is one cellotriose between every 2-3 cellotetroses. A large amount of hydrophilic groups are spread evenly on the main chain of glucan. According to current research results, oat β -glucan is a natural anti-ageing substance.

Quality Control

Heavy Metals tested by Eurofins:

Arsenic(As)      ≤0.1mg/kg

Lead (Pb)          ≤0.05mg/kg

Cadmium(Cd)   ≤ 0.14mg/Kg

Mercury(Hg)     0.72mg/kg

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