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yucca extract

Xi'an Rainbow Biotech Co.,Ltd | Updated: Jun 03, 2016

Yucca  Extract raw material provides a preservative free source of Yucca suitable for use by the food, cosmetic, and feed industries.
Yucca Extract is a natural foaming agent ingredient and a mild nonionic surfactant rich in saponins. This raw material is perfect for replacing synthetic harsh surfactants such as sodium lauryl sulfate and     others.
Yucca extract  can reduce ammonia pollution resulting from shrimp farming.  The application of Yucca  extract  in water or feed could considerably reduce the accumulation of ammonia in waste water discharge during shrimp production, thereby providing a feasible solution to ammonia pollution in coastal environments.

Yucca extract is a natural feed additive for livestock and poultry used to control odors, ammonia and other gas emissions, which can be detrimental to livestock performance.

Yucca  extract, Food Grade with preservative added  has many human consumption uses  reduces trans fat digestion, helps reduce carpal tunnel syndrome, reduces cholesterol, helps relieve arthritis, helps restore cartilage, helps prevent sore muscles, stops hair loss and restores hair growth (when used as a shampoo), helps people to stop smoking, helps to detoxify the intestinal track.  For Human consumption, purchase our premium food grade product。

Trans Fats
Research shows that Yucca Extract can interact with Bile and thereby lower cholesterol levels.  Bile is essential to solubilize fats (including Trans Fats) and when the Saponin's in Yucca interact with the Bile so it can not be reabsorbed through the intestines, the Trans Fats are also not digested.  This seems to also be related to the reduction in Colon Cancer risk. 

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome
A customer in California called and said his Carpal Tunnel Syndrome had stopped after he took Yucca Extract for a couple of months.  I have Carpal Tunnel Syndrome and I have been taking Yucca for about six months.  It didn't occur to me that my Carpal Tunnel Syndrome symptoms had all stopped.  I haven't been able to find much research about Yucca solving Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, but we now have at least two people saying that's the case.  We are having another known Carpal Tunnel Syndrome sufferer try Yucca Extract and we will post results here in the future. 

Reduce Cholesterol
I Put 1/4 tsp of Food Grade Yucca extract in a liter of water and drink 1-4 liters per day for two months. Cholesterol was lowered 113 points to 153. Relieve Arthritis
I had arthritis in my lower spine and had a lot of pain and difficulty getting out of a chair. 

All symptoms are gone.
I had arthritis in my finger joints and a fair amount of pain. Since I started drinking Yucca each day, the symptoms and pain are gone. 

 Relieve Back Cartilage Problems
I was injured in an auto accident and have had many occasions where my back would go out.  I would be in pain for weeks and unable to do any work during those occasions.  Since I have been drinking Yucca mixed with water (1/4 tsp. per liter), my back has not gone out once. 

 Relieve Sore Muscles
I found that after I had taken Yucca for at least 10 days that after strenuous physical activity, my muscles were not sore the next day.  I put this to a rigorous test by dusting off my bar bell weight set and worked through a number of exercises.  The next day, I had no sore muscles!  Yucca evidently keeps lactic acid from building up in muscle tissue.  This is a very nice feature.

Stop Hair Loss and Restore Hair Growth
I have learned that one cause of hair loss is the accumulation of DHT, a byproduct of testosterone, will accumulate around hair follicles.  The first thing that happens is the hair becomes thinner in thickness.  As the DHT build up continues, the follicle stops functioning and the hair falls out.  I also learned that the saponin's in Yucca Extract will clean the DHT away from the hair follicles.  This keeps existing hair from getting thinner and from falling out.  This also allows follicles that had stop growing hair to resume their function of growing hair again.  Consequently, my receding hair line is filling back in with new hair growth.  I have been using pure Yucca Extract as a shampoo.  Wet the hair.  Apply 2-3 tbs of Yucca Extract and work well into the scalp.  Rinse and apply the Yucca Extract again.  This time leave the Yucca in your hair for 3-4 minutes before rinsing.  Keep your eyes closed because Yucca Extract will sting your eyes.  I didn't see the resumed hair growth until about 30 days after I started using Yucca as a shampoo。

Benefits of Yucca Extract
Its action takes place mostly in the intestinal tract. It could be considered as an intestinal soap or cleanser 

 a wetting agent for intestinal flora.  It helps form a protective coating on the intestinal walls. Helps eliminate pathogenic organisms. Destroys deadly viruses. Encourages growth of friendly bacteria. Helps conquer lower grade intestinal infections. Reduces inflammation and swelling. Reduces intestinal symptoms, and disorders. Decreases accumulation and growth of intestinal wastes in the colon. Beneficial in colitis, and diverticulitis. Dissolves out and eliminates intestinal mucus and the wastes on the intestinal lining. Relief of constipation, intermittent diarrhea, intestinal gas. Relief of cramping and abdominal pains; often very rapid relief - - in minutes. Lessens soreness, stiffness and swelling of joints, in some arthritis - - at least those related to intestinal toxicity and putrefaction. Lessening of headaches - - migraine type. An effective treatment for sores, scabs, and skin rashes. Lowering of abnormal cholesterol.  This is cholesterol which is part of Bile. By its cortisone-like action it helps offset stresses. Widely used in sanitation plants to accelerate, by the action of its saponin's, the breakdown of organic wastes. For some reason it helps some people to stop smoking. Used as a treatment for digestive and arthritic problems in dogs, horses, before humans. Saponin's have a cleansing action on anything - acting as a detergent, just like a soap. It has a high content of Vitamin A and B complex, vitamins and some Vitamin C. It has a high content of calcium, potassium, phosphorus, iron, manganese and copper. Some report that the Native Americans washed their hair with yucca to fight dandruff and hair loss. It is good for treating Addison's disease. No unpleasant or harmful side effects, but you may have withdrawal symptoms from toxins freed up in your intestinal tract.
Steroidal saponin's may tend to break down the high molecular fats in foods whose absorption contributes to high blood pressure, hardening of the arteries, hypertriglyceridemia, and hypercholesterolemia. One of our most significant findings was that no patient taking saponin extract for 6 months or more continued to show an abnormally high blood pressure or excessive blood triglyceride and cholesterol levels. In other words, there were permanent benefits. --- Dr. Robert Bingham, Arthritis News Today, Vol 2, No 6

How Yucca Saponin's reduce cholesterol: Bile acids are made from cholesterol in the liver and gall bladder and pass into the small intestines mixing with water to aid in digestion. As this mixture enters the colon, the water is reabsorbed back into the body carrying with it the bile acids and cholesterol. Saponin's cannot penetrate the intestinal wall, but work within the small and large intestine. Saponin's bind with the bile acids making them unavailable for reabsorption. They pass into the colon and are excreted. This forces the liver to produce more bile. To produce more bile, the liver must remove cholesterol from the blood, leaving less to build up in the arteries.

Keith Johnson, MD, editor of Turn Back the Clock newsletter, states, "Adding the yucca plant to your diet will act as a natural cortisone, and will wash out the harmful poisons that cause arthritis."

Robert Bingham, MD, director of the Desert Hot Springs Medical Clinic in Palm Springs, CA, "We have known for several years that a food supplement extracted from yucca acts like a natural form of cortisone, to reduce and eliminate the pain, swelling and joint stiffness suffered by arthritis victims. Toxic substances or harmful bacteria, when absorbed into the system, create allergic responses - anything from migraine to arthritis. Consequently, an anti-stress agent such as yucca saponin might have the same beneficial effect on wastes in the body and be effective in treating arthritis by improving and protecting the intestinal flora, rather than any direct action upon arthritis. Strong evidence supports the theory that some forms of arthritis may be caused or worsened by toxic substances occurring in the intestines and absorbed by the body. Yucca seems to inhibit these harmful intestinal bacteria and at the same time help the natural and normal forms of bacteria found in the tract.


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