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Oat Extract used for Cosmetic products

Xi'an Rainbow Biotech Co.,Ltd | Updated: Feb 05, 2017

Oat Extract comes from a common oat grown worldwide, Avena sativa. Oat seeds are a rich source of vitamins A, B, E, iron, zinc, manganese and calcium. Oil is extracted from oat seeds and made into a tincture, which is used in homeopathic medicine, cosmetic products and for its various health benefits.

As early as in the early 1880 s, some foreign researchers found that the oat contained abundant water-soluble -;3) (1-4) - D - glucose (Beta glucan).Oat Extract Beta glucan to the human body has significant fall hematic fat, fall blood sugar and improve the body's immune ability and so on many beneficial physiological effect; Oat Extract Glucan is a natural polysaccharide at the same time, can form on skin transparent, elastic, breathable film, can effectively isolate environment harmful substances to the skin, its macromolecule structure can lock the moisture, prevent loss of moisture, has the efficient moisturizing effect, so as to keep the skin moist and smooth as silk;In addition, the active defense system of skin predominantly lundgren hampshire cells formed close mesh structure, Oat Bran Extract beta glucan can activate the lang's cells such as macrophages, promote fibroblasts (skin cells) proliferation and skin tissue matrix (such as collagen, elastin, proteoglycan and other components) synthesis, increase skin elasticity force mouth, soft and delicate.Can be produced in the daily chemical cleaning cream, cream, cold cream, bath foam, such as making full use of resources, developed glucan series cosmetics, to protect skin, anti-aging, beauty effect.

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