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Main Function & Application of Stevia Rebaudiana Extract

Xi'an Rainbow Biotech Co.,Ltd | Updated: Mar 15, 2017
Main Function & Application

(1). Standalone Sweetener: 

Zero Calories.

Have therapeutic properties.

Compatible with all hot and cold beverages.

Easy to formulate both as sachet, pill, liquid formulation.  

(2). In Foods:

Has excellent compatibility with all dairy products. 

Does not impart any color or flavor to any food.

Does not calamaris.

Thermo suitable for baked and fried foods.

(3). Beverages:              

Suitable for all type of diet beverages has stimulant properties.

Stable not susceptible to oxidate loss.

Clear and color less solution.

Long Shelf Life even in liquid formulation.

(4). In Pharmaceuticals:

Can be used as Zero calorie sweetener for traditional medicine formulation.

Can be used in OTC product like medicated toothpaste, mouthwashes, cough formulation, etc.

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