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Great Burdock Achene Extract

Xi'an Rainbow Biotech Co.,Ltd | Updated: Mar 17, 2017
Main Function

1.Anti-tumor effect, anticancer activity;

2.Burdock contains antibacterial ingredients, the main anti-staphylococcus aureus;

3.Anti-nephritis activity, it has effective treatment of acute nephritis and chronic glomerulonephritis;

4.Promote bowel movements, lower cholesterol, reduce toxins and waste accumulation in the body, prevent and treat functional constipation;

5.It contains inulin, the water extract significantly reduced blood glucose in long time, increased the amount of carbohydrate tolerance.

Basic Information

Product Name:Great Burdock Achene Extract 

Other Name:Burdock Extract/Great Burdock Achene Extract

Latin Name: Arctium lappa L.

Plant Part Used: dry fruit

Active Ingredient: :arctiin

Extration Solvent:  Water/ Ethanol

Specification:Arctiin 10%-40% (HPLC)

Appearance:Brown powder

Arctiin-Burdock Extract/Great Burdock Achene Extract

Molecular Formula:C27H34O11
Molecular Weight:534.55

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