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Botanical Extract Products Classified According to Their Main Effects

Xi'an Rainbow Biotech Co.,Ltd | Updated: May 24, 2016

Main Function

Name of Botanical Extract Products

 Natural Sweeteners

Luo Han Guo Extract 

Stevia Powder Extract

Sweet Leaf Extract


Grape Seed Powder Extract

Grape Skin Powder Extract

Pine Bark Powder ExtractBilberry Powder Extract

Pomegranate Powder Extract

Apple Peel Powder Extract

Dahurian Rhodoendron

Green Tea Powder Extract

Loquat Leaf Powder Extract

Lychee Peel Powder Extract

Mangosteen Powder Extract

Mongo Seed Powder Extract

Sesamum Powder Extract

Ginger Powder Extract


Alfalfa Powder Extract

Burdock Powder Extract

White Willow Powder Extract

Red Clover Powder Extract




Body Balance

Wild Yam Powder Extract

Vitex Powder Extract

Black Cohosh Powder Extract

Raspberry Powder Extract

St John’s Wort Powder Extract

Black Cohosh Powder Extract

Licorice Root Powder Extract

Siberian Ginseng Powder Extract

Valerian Powder Extract

Passion Flower Powder Extract

Dong Quei Powder Extract

Nettle Powder Extract

Motherwort Powder Extract

Horsetail Powder Extract


Degrease , Antiobesity

Citrus Powder Extract

Cassia Nomame Powder Extract

Oats Powder Extract

Guarana Powder Extract
White Kidney Bean Powder Extract


Estrogen ﹝ESG﹞

Vicarious Function

Kuzu Root Powder Extract

Red Clover Powder Extract

Soybean Powder Extract

Rattle Root Powder Extract
Alfalfa Powder Extract

 Nature's Enzymes

Spirulina Powder Extract

Peppermine Powder Extract

Stevia Powder Extract

Cayenne Powder Extract

 Bright Eyes

Fennel Powder Extract

Goldenseal Powder Extract

Eye Bright Powder Extract

Bilberry Powder Extract

Chamomile Powder Extract

Raspnerry Leaf Powder Extract

Bayberry Powder Extract

Cayenne Powder Extract


Beauty and Intention

Centalla Powder Extract

Ecdysterone Powder Extract

Chrysanthemum Powder Extract

Aloe Vera Powder Extract

Diabetes Therapeutical


Bitter Melon Powder Extract

Gymnema Powder Extract

Mulberry Leaf Powder Extract


Dephlogisticate and

Antibacterial Activity

White Willow Bark Powder Extract

Andrographis Powder Extract

Ginger Powder Extract

Garic Powder Extract
Olive Leaf Powder Extract



Rhodiola Powder Extract

Epimedium Powder Extract

Cnidium Powder Extract

Cistanche Powder Extract

Tribulus Powder Extract

Siberian Ginseng Powder Extract


Immunity Enhancer

Echinacea Powder Extract

Lycium Berry Powder Extract

Astragalus Powder Extract

Ginseng Root Powder Extract

Shitake Powder Extract

Reishi Powder Extract

Garlic Powder Extract

Kelp Powder Extract




Lycium Berry Powder Extract

Resveratrol Powder Extract

Reishi Powder Extract

Citrus Fruits Powder Extract

Shitake Powder Extract

Garlic Powder Extract

Tomatoes Powder Extract

Soybean Powder Extract
Curcuma Powder Extract


Night Nervine, Sleep

Passion Flower Powder Extract

St John’s Wort Powder Extract

Kava Kava

Valerian Root Powder Extract

Jujube Powder Extract

Motherwort Powder Extract

Hops Flowers Powder Extract

Scullcap Extract Powder


Protect Liver

Milk Thistle Powder Extract

Dandelion Powder Extract

Barberry Powder Extract

Buckdock Powder Extract


Memory Enhancer

Gotu Kola Powder Extract

Ginkgo Bean Powder Extract.


Ginseng Powder Extract

Urethra System


Senna Leaf Powder Extract

Nettle Leaf Powder Extract

Cranberry Powder Extract

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